Chip McCoy

Chip McCoy

Meet Chip

Chip was nearly a high school dropout who grabbed some midnight grit to become a self-taught software engineer with experience in the healthcare, banking, and telecommunications industries as well as founding three of his own companies and startup partnerships.

At Genesys, Chip has transformed from one of the original Genesys Cloud engineers to becoming a Cloud Evangelist with a passion for sales, sales coaching, and public speaking. 

In his personal life, Chip is debt free and coaches inner-city and at-risk youth every weekend alongside his wife of 28 Honeymoons.

“My personal message to you is to keep fighting and keep re-inventing.  It is what you were supposed to be doing before anyone knew how to spell ‘Covid-19’.  All that has happened in the last two quarters was for this re-invention requirement to manifest itself as an in-your-face reality.  I went from mopping floors on the midnight shift to having the most amazing, terrifying, and beautiful adventures of my life in this distributed world.  You can, you May, and you MUST re-invent if you are to have a meaningful part of the Roaring 20’s”